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Words matter. Image matters. To some, marketing is the gift wrap. What really counts is what’s inside. That’s true, to a point. If your business doesn’t have the goods, nothing will make you successful. But, no matter how talented you are, no matter how commercially viable your product, if your customers can’t find you, you might as well close your doors.

The best marketing plan is a constant work-in-progress. Your website should be dynamic. Fresh web content is one of the keys to search engine optimization. One way to do this is to start a blog. Keep your blog relevant to your target audience. For example, if you sell tools for the construction industry, not all of your blog posts have to be about your tools, but they should be appeal to the construction industry.

The best blogs come from the CEO of the company. If the CEO doesn’t feel comfortable writing, a ghost writer is recommended. The CEO can still control the content, but the ghost writer will ensure that it’s well written and tagged for search engines.

When you’re working with your website designer, don’t let them overdo the Flash. It might look cool, but search engine spiders can’t read words in flash. If there are words that are important enough to have in Flash, such as some words of recommendation from clients, use those words somewhere else in the text.

It takes a while for the search engine spiders to find new websites. The quickest way to get noticed is to link to some other sites. Look for quality and relevance before linking.

Stay in touch with current, previous and potential clients, but don’t spam them. A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your message out there and to show clients that you know the market and your business. Make sure you have an opt-out option on your newsletter.

Add video and audio, including podcasts. Link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Most importantly, stay current on marketing trends. You can bet that your biggest competitors are.


About The Word Strategist

The Word Strategist progressive and socially minded company located in the Bay Area. Wendy Gittleson has over 15 years experience in both writing and marketing. She is smart, focused and highly creative. Her greatest asset is taking complex ideas and presenting them in a way that is clear, concise and marketable. Visit our website at http://www.TheWordStrategist.com. Consultations are free. Flat fees are available.
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